Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nest got a sweet little write up!

Nest got a very nice write up from the ladies over at Leichic recently. is an online review of everything hip and fabulous in Hawaii.
Here is the link...

Look at these adorable hula onesies. My friend Cari makes them and I sell them as fast as they come in. She is also making me a boys version that says
"Mr. Aloha" on the front.
I don't have any in the photo because they all sold out!

The drums in the photo are made on the Big Island by artist Thomas Alexander of Volcano Percussion. They are made from curly mango wood. They sound amazing and are stunning.

The butterflies I have in the store are part of a conservation project to keep them from becoming endangered. They are bred and live out their happy normal lives and then are collected and become pieces of art. They can be drop shipped anywhere for $15.

Look at my mean girls. Oh how I love my mean girls! The artist signs them on their hiney and they come with the sassiest little story cards you can think of. These are very naughty children. And they are all one of a kind.

I'll try to get on here and update more often and if you see something you have to have, give the shop a call!


shop 808-828-6631

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The shop is doing great and I love the great work I am receiving from my artists! Thank you. I've got great cards- beautiful jewelry, funky one of a kind dolls and some very cool housewares right now.

Recently I was able to get the fabulous sweaters and hats of Portland, Oregon artist, Faith Jennings into the shop. They have been selling really well. Her pieces are one of a kind, made from recycled sweaters and are gorgeous! The hats she makes are sassy and fun- both for adults and babies- I have a hard time keeping them in stock. You can check her hats out at

Here's some recent pics-

Happy New Year everyone-