Tuesday, October 2, 2007


eva said...

Oh WOW! I don`t know where to start, everything I see, is just WOW!
Love love every little detail and item in your boutique! Especially your dog! :)
You will have great time there, I`m sure of that - how could you not? This place is absolutely PERFECT! Congratulations!!!!!!
.....I really think I should come over sometimes ;)

TQB Designs said...

You store looks absolutely beautiful - REALLY GREAT! And that's one happy lil' pup too :) Wish I could deliver... xoxo L.

Geninne said...

Congratulations Julia! Your little Nest is just gorgeous, I love the colors you chose for the walls and it was so exciting to see my lil card there on display ;)
Please keep posting more pictures, I'm hungry 4 more!
Hugs from Mexico,

comfortable said...

I was browsing on Jessi's blog and she had a link to yours. Lovely little boutique! I'll try to stop by the next time I'm on Kauai.

Edgie said...

Congrats Julia! All your hard work is starting to pay off. :) Keep it up doll! I'll have to make a trip over on my way back for Thanksgiving!!!!

The Downtown Boutique said...

Your shop looks just beautiful! We were in Kauai last April and loved it SOOOO much! We hope to go back in Summer '09 to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary...we're saving up!